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June 04, 2021 2 min read

METALS or MONEY? Which side are you on US Cannabis Council?

I'm trying to understand what the real reason the US Cannabis Council CEO, Steve Hawkin, is meeting with state governments regarding Delta 8? 

According to a article,

“The council has already consulted with state governments on Delta-8, he said, and it will step up efforts this week to encourage the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration to take action.” 

I too, am concerned with the brands, growers, and manufactures who are producing CBD/Delta 8 products that contain any intoxicants, metals, pesticides, etc. But is USCC’s reason for seeking such action because of concerns surrounding consumers health or is it based in MONEY?  

As I understand it, the USCC is supposed to be advocates fighting for the end of the prohibition of cannabis, not an organization working with the government to add more bans and restrictions. Is anyone at the USCC pleading with the government about the arsenic, ammonia, metals, etc... that are in the tobacco that is sold every day? I assume not, but maybe regulating (taxing) the products that harm us makes selling them acceptable. Is that the case Steve Hawkins?  

What if we left it up to the consumers to make decisions about the products they choose to purchase? I believe information is now a commodity and with the internet available to most [if not all] consumers, it allows the consumer to do their research into the products and brands they choose. If a brand isn’t transparent with their products (including a full panel COA) and processes, I’m confident the market will be quickly changing the brand’s approach, if they want to remain in business.  

If it could sway my opinion, I’m open to seeing more information on this matter. But from what I know now, it seems like there might be some USCC’s $$$uporters who make their money in the Delta 9 space and, well, they need your help. Who better to go the government and say “we want regulations”, than the CEO of the organization that exist to help the progression of the plant.?... 


Link to Bloomberg article 

Link to Marijuana Moment

The United States Cannabis Council (USCC) is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization. USCC members seek to harness their collective expertise in order to advance social equity, end the federal prohibition of cannabis, modernize federal and state regulations and promote high ethical standards within the industry. 

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